Corporate Wellness with Lunch and Learns

Lets Talk Business... Happy & Healthy Employees

When employees feel well their mood is improved, they are energetic and they can work to their full potential with fewer sick days.  Bring health into your workplace by holding Naturopathic Lunch and Learns that focus on healthy lifestyle and nutritional counselling.  These workshops demonstrate how to eat and live well so your employees can feel better both at home and at work.  Lunch and Learns can take place at your own office space or at the Head to Toe Health Centre. See some of the offered Lunch and Learns below.

In addition to Lunch and Learns Dr. Angelica Kada provides one-on-one naturopathic visits in the work-place for individuals who have benefits but find they are too busy to use them.  These in-office naturopathic visits include and intake, assessment, and naturopathic treatments whether it be acupuncture, dietary counselling or a botanical prescription.

To find out more about Lunch & Learns or Workplace Visits, call or leave a message here. 

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